Career Stories

I created Chandra Jobs as I have genuine interest to create a platform where organizations find the right talent but equally important is helping someone who’s skillful to land in the right job. So once in a while, I wanted to engage in Career counselling or showcasing professionals who are looking for the right opportunity. I call this Career Stories.

There are job portals where you pay for a featured resume so that recruiters find them easily. As of now, I don’t want to associate a fee structure to this service because not all will have interest to pay.

If my work helps you land in a job, you can contribute to the work I do whenever you wish to so that I can continue to do the work I love forever.

What we do?

1.A simple Linkedin Post

I might do a LinkedIn post with information about your Skills, the kind of job you are looking for, your preferred job location and your contacts.

If I have many people requesting this, I might combine everyone’s information on one post to ensure everyone get’s good visibility.

2. Contribute an article

If you are an expert in a particular field and have enough experience to contribute an article or blog ( Make sure it’s originally written by you), we will be happy to publish it on one of our relevant niche job portals. We will then make a post on LinkedIn stating your experience and what kind of opportunities you are looking for.

(You may already be in a good job or an entrepreneur. If you feel your writings can guide someone, write to me if you could contribute an article. Articles has to be originally written and genuinely help professionals and not written just for SEO benefits. All my sites are new by the way. )

3. Featured Interview

I usually reach out to people whom I believe are experts in a field and request them for an email interview. This could be students who have accomplished something or a CEO or Staff in an organization whom I believe has contributed to their organization or field of interest.

You may also recommend any of your friends to be featured. I also wish to do Video interviews but email interviews doesn’t want anyone to commit a specific time for me. So that works better.

Where we publish your articles and interviews?

Based on your field of interest, the articles and featured interviews will be published in or any of our niche job boards blog – Sai Remote Jobs ,, and more to come.

Write to me or call me. I prefer an email introducing yourself and your current situation. Emails are best ways to reach me. Instead of calling you could send a WhatsApp message or Voice message on a Skype number as it’s convenient for me to write back.

Note that, I may not be able to practically respond all the emails or messages but certainly will be able to help a few professionals.

Recruiting as a Service

Hire me as an independent recruiter to help your Startup or support your in-house recruiters in finding the right talent.

Write to me – [email protected]

WhatsApp – 91-9787618752.

Skype – +1 605 610 1929 (Reaches voice mail and I can call you back)


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