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Hi friends,

I have been making niche job boards as a part of Chandra Jobs Network for the past few month. One of the job board which I made catering a specific category of job is –

I have been doing recruitment service for Startups and Corporates in India and US, Canada Market for the past few weeks. In the US market, I receive resumes from candidates who just completed their Masters in Data or Analytics stream.

In the India market, I receive resumes from several candidates who are experienced Software Engineers, have taken an online course in Data Science or AI and are looking for a Career transformation.

It is not so easy to help candidates who aspire to find a job in Data Science/AI if they are already in a job where the nature of their work has got nothing to do with Analytics or Data science. So to prove the new employer that they deserve to be a Data Analyst, Data Scientist or Data Engineer is a hard task.

Somehow, candidates who have good understanding of the work they do as a Data Scientist and those who are confident that they have in-depth knowledge to be able to do the job can certainly get through the interview.

I also reach out to few Startups requesting them for opportunity to do recruitment service for them. So, if you are looking for Data Science Jobs, I request you to Submit your Resume on Chandra Jobs or simply email me.

[email protected]

Good luck to you


Hire me to do recruitment service for your Startup – Sai Data Science Jobs

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