My Father

I have been passionate about helping professionals find the job they love. There are a few incidents in life which makes us think deep and realize the purpose of life. On May 14th 2021, my dear Father Shri. Chandrasekaran left to divine abode. A month before, I had lost my job.

Though my Father passed away due to his health issues, he was little worried about his son’s future as I had lost my job. Eventually, I also had fever which made him worry a lot about me a week before he passed away.

The fact that I had lost my job and that my Father would have been worried about my life, deeply hurts me even to this day.

With my Parents on one of our visit to a temple. Taken moments before I asked him to smile. I love his innocent love on us.

My Appa had lots of dreams for me. That I should earn well and marry a good girl, have children. Nothing happened in my life. Nothing. To make it worse, I was also job bless when he passed away. I repeatedly say this because though my Father was positive that I will find a job in few months, he was also worried about my future.

The only way I could satisfy myself was by creating a platform where thousands of Job seekers would find a job they love. So I created few niche job boards. Later, I realized there’s not much impact when I simply make job boards. I need to interact with people and genuinely help them. So I started doing independent recruitment.

There are lots of commercial aspects and policy issues which might sound like, I am just doing some business but I feel that my mission is certainly for greater good.

I wish to do good karma all my life.

The day I write this, I am not sure if I will get married as my Father had desired. I just have no idea who would like me. I have no idea how long my Mother will be healthy and live with me but I will be there for her. Always. Every moment she needs me.

My elder Sister Indra has made my parents proud as she did her Phd in Germany and went on to become a research scientist in the US. I always wondered if I ever made my parents proud. My Father used to proudly tell me that all his brothers and sisters are jealous that I am living close to him and taking care of him. True. I lived for my parents. But this doesn’t satisfy me. I basically have not achieved anything materialistic to make my Father proud.

I wish these websites I make eventually helps handful of people to find jobs and a few Startups and corporates to hire the talents to build great companies.

My Father had always done some work. He sowed the seed of Karma Marga ( Path of work ) in me. So I will keep doing some good work in my Father’s name.

This alone helps me heal the wound that the corporate world caused in me. Making me job less for reasons unknown. Taking away my lovely Father from me when he’s little worried about his dear Son.

I told myself, I will make your name eternal. I call him “Appa” and his name is Chandrasekaran.

His name will live.

“Light up your career. Bring happiness in your life.”

Venkatraman Chandrasekaran

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