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Chandra jobs Find jobs you love

I wanted to genuinely help professionals to land in the job they love to do. Chandra Jobs and the network of niche job boards should eventually achieve that. I started this journey after my Dad passed away a month after I lost my job. So I know what it means for someone who don’t have a job or who are not happy with their current job to land in a better environment with better culture.

Hopefully, in the next few month, I will be able to get an idea of what I could do to make meaningful career transitions for talented professionals in various field of interest.

I also do independent recruitment. So if you are a Startup or Corporate looking for independent recruiter who could help you within the budget you specify, please write to me or call me.

Write to me – [email protected]

India – + 91-9787618752

US – +1 605 610 1929 (* Mostly reaches voicemail so that I could call you back)


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